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Internet Speed & Connectivity In Rural Alberta

With a network this large and vast, we expect there to be some misconceptions about the way the SuperNet works. That’s why we’ve taken the time to dispel some of those concerns.

Myth 1 - Expensive

Myth #1: The SuperNet is expensive


It costs less than a cup of coffee a month per household for backhaul. 

Building a fibre network one customer at a time can be expensive, but the SuperNet is structured so that the cost of the network infrastructure is shared by all participant communities. This means that any community in Alberta can get a connection to the world for the same rate as major city centres like Edmonton and Calgary – for the cost of one Tim Hortons coffee a month per household.

Myth 2 - Inaccessible

Myth #2: The SuperNet is inaccessible


All of Alberta’s 400 rural communities rely on the SuperNet for choice.

The SuperNet has access points in 429 communities that are available to anyone, including 119 connected businesses that provide services to 250,000 residents across rural Alberta. No other province in Canada has a province-wide fibre network with this accessibility.  Alberta is the only province that has choice of providers outside of city centres thanks to the SuperNet.  

Myth 3 - Government Use Only

Myth #3: The SuperNet is only for the government


The SuperNet is for all Albertans.

Because of the SuperNet, more than 250,000 people in rural Alberta have their choice of connectivity, and 66 wireless internet providers can run their businesses to serve them. Of course, the SuperNet also provides a vital service to the Government of Alberta in connecting our schools, hospitals, libraries, municipalities, and government entities.

Myth 4 - Poor Performance

Myth #4: The Alberta SuperNet is not high performing


The SuperNet provides the most mission critical services in the province for government and business.

Since its inception over a decade ago, Axia has become an industry leader in packet performance, network availability, and time to repair on a province-wide basis. This allows many of Alberta’s most technologically advanced organizations to use the SuperNet for digital connectivity for their mission critical requirements.

Myth 5 - Run  by Large Telcos

Myth #5: Only the large telcos can run complicated networks


Axia enables the Alberta SuperNet to routinely carry 8.9  Petabytes of traffic per month.

While Axia is a homegrown company founded in Alberta it is globally recognized as an expert in fibre networks. Axia prides itself on understanding the needs of our customers and the landscapes they operate in. Our expertise in specialty fibre, coupled with our shared infrastructure / deliver choice approach, has resulted in our leadership in building fibre networks that connect over 2.5 million premises globally. 

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